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Welcome to the Htown Music Wiki!

This is a wiki for all things music-related from Hamilton, New Zealand. The wiki currently features 2579 pages on bands, venues, releases and events, both past and present. It also covers information on Hamilton radio stations, music stores and people that are, or were, involved in (or supportive of) Hamilton music.

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Hamilton is and has been host to a multitude of bands. From the biggest international hit machines to seldom heard underground geniuses, the effect and influence of Hamilton music on the New Zealand scene is undeniable. The bands page is a resource containing information and history on all Hamilton bands, past and present. For outside bands that have featured prominent Hamilton band members, before or after living in Hamilton, see Hamilton Related Bands. See also Bands with no information - if you have some information on these bands, then please, by all means, add it!
An index of music releases, including singles, albums, EPs and compilations. See also Releases with no information.
Places to play in Hamilton! What venues are there? What are some of the iconic and important Hamilton music locations?
Know a good place to record some tracks? Somewhere to get a PA system on the cheap? Best places for promotion, research, info? List of all resources.
Biographies of people involved in Hamilton music.
Hamilton is home to a number of regular and semi-regular music events.
Groups and organisations that are, or were, involved in the Hamilton music scene. This category includes societies, clubs, groups formed to promote Hamilton music, and other groups affiliated with Hamilton music. See also Groups with no Information.
A number of songs by Hamilton bands are notable by, for example, entering New Zealand's official music charts, or have special meaning to Hamilton. See also Songs about Hamilton, an index of songs by Hamilton and non-Hamilton bands that mention Hamilton, or features of Hamilton - in a positive or negative manner!