Nature's Worst

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Nature's Worst was a compilation released in 2010, organised by Dylan Parry (ex-Romantic Andes). The compilation included Wendyhouse, The Shrugs, CJA, and Parry recording under the name Discjockey Joe Bloggs.


"Nature's Worst" cover art
  1. Alien Pop Band - Government Pet Rockers
  2. Discjockey Joe Bloggs - Joe and Joan's Dream
  3. C90 - Home Brand
  4. Libra Accord - Down to Earth
  5. Voom V Sidekicknick - Little Dark Rainy Island
  6. The Postgraduates - Smack my Kids Up
  7. Southern Mix Master - Bad Cafe Art
  8. Black Science - Make a Sound
  9. Coach - The Ballad of the Family of Kiwis Slaughtered by a Feral Cat in the Waitakere Ranges
  10. Wendyhouse - Dangle the Cat
  11. Mr Sterile - Spoilt
  12. The Missing Leech - Snow
  13. Robo Distaste - Splast Some Water in your Hair
  14. Pony Club - Paper Bag Lover
  15. The Shrugs - The Tounging of a Broken Tooth
  16. King Mountain - Psychotic Hillbilly Life in NZ
  17. CJA - Out on the Piss Again

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